The Ultimate French Deck: Languages on Fire & French in Action




We’re passionate about languages and our mission is creating the best possible language learning materials. With this deck, we want to enable you to study French on your own efficiently and with long-term success. This deck follows a structured approach and accompanies you on your road from 0 knowledge to fluency. 

This deck is based on the video course French in Action. You can watch the videos on Youtube here. We consider it the very best online French course. If you use this deck alongside the course, you’ll make great progress.

The deck contains over 1000 cards so far and covers the first 12 lessons of French in Action. If you buy the deck, you’ll get access to future updates. We will add the remaining lessons soon. The final deck will have more than 4000 cards.

The first ~300 cards of the deck are available for free on Ankiweb. You can also check out the reviews for the deck there.

Happy studying!

  • Authentic, native audio
  • Hand-picked, learner-friendly example sentences
  • 1000+ cards (more will be added soon)
  • Top-rated on Ankiweb


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