The Ultimate Spanish Deck: Languages on Fire & Destinos




Learn Spanish from 0 to fluency: Our Anki deck complements the Destinos course (Youtube) and accompanies you on your language learning journey. Study Spanish with our Anki deck, efficiently and with long-term success!

This deck consists mainly of sentences in Mexican Spanish but there are also some sentences in Peninsular Spanish. This is due to the nature of Destinos since the main character is Mexican but travels to Spain. 

The deck contains over 1500 cards so far and covers the first 11 lessons of Destinos. If you buy the deck, you’ll get access to future updates. We will add the remaining lessons soon. The final deck will have more than 5000 cards.

The first ~100 cards of the deck are available for free soon on Ankiweb. You can also check out the reviews for the deck there.

Happy studying!

Authentic, native speaker audio

Hand-picked, learner-friendly example sentences

1500+ cards (more will be added soon)

Top-rated on Ankiweb

I’ve never used Anki before. Is this product something for me?

Certainly! Using Anki is relatively straightforward. Once you get used to Anki, you won’t want to miss it for language learning.

Is this really the best Spanish deck?

While “best” can be subjective, this deck is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive and well-structured learning experience. Our mission is to create the world’s best language learning materials and we daresay we did a very good job here. The sentences have been carefully picked to ensure you start with the most common words and sentences, gradually progressing towards more advanced ones. Moreover, the deck comes with high-quality native speaker audio which trains your ears to real Spanish. If you’re still unsure, take a look at the reviews for the deck on Ankiweb.

Shouldn’t I simply create my own deck?

Of course you could do that. But why go through the hassle of creating your own deck from scratch? You might spend countless hours creating a deck tailored to your needs and hire a native speaker to record audio. But why do that when we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you? We created this deck to save you time for actually studying Spanish.

Why shouldn’t I use another free Anki deck?

While there are other options, we do see a few issues with them. First, they are not very well-structured. Either they don’t really take into account word frequency or they include some weird and useless sentences. This deck, based on one of the most renowned Spanish courses, carefully organizes when you learn specific words and sentences. In addition, free decks often lack audio or use unnatural computer-generated audio. This deck features 100 % native speaker audio.

Is this deck suitable for absolute beginners?

Definitely! You start with the basics, and the difficulty increases gradually.

Is this deck suitable for more advanced learners?

Absolutely! Thanks to the modular structure of the deck, you can simply delete lessons that are too easy for you and start at a later lesson.

Can I edit the Anki files?

Yes! The cards are fully customizable. Feel free to add, modify, or remove cards as needed to tailor the deck to your individual learning goals.

Will my learning progress be kept if I’ve used the free trial version previously?

Yes! When you download the deck, it will simply update your existing deck and add the remaining lessons. All learning progress will be kept.


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