600+ German sentences by word frequency (A1-B1) – Complete deck




We’re passionate about languages and our mission is creating the best possible language learning materials. We’ve created an online German course with an integrated Anki deck. Our course is designed according to the Pareto principle: Get 80 % of the results with 20 % of the efforts! It will enable you to converse in German as quickly as possible by teaching you the fundamental grammar rules and the 1000 most common words. 

We strongly recommend you use this deck in conjunction with our course. It will be easier to remember the sentences if you learn them in context. Also, some grammar explanations will be helpful even though we don’t focus too much on it. If you subscribe to our course, you will also get access to the complete Anki deck. But if you only want the deck, you can proceed on this page.

The first 242 cards of the deck are available for free on Ankiweb. You can also check out the reviews for the deck there. Here, you will get the full deck consisting of over 1000 cards and over 600 sentences.

  • Authentic, native audio
  • Hand-picked, learner-friendly example sentences
  • 1000+ cards
  • Top-rated on Ankiweb


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