German by word frequency (A1-B1) – Complete deck

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We’re passionate about languages and our mission is creating the best possible language learning materials. We’ve created an online German course with an integrated Anki deck. The course mainly consist of short animated videos with everyday dialogues. You’ll follow the story of Anna and Max, two young students in Munich. Our course is designed according to the Pareto principle: Get 80 % of the results with 20 % of the efforts! It will enable you to converse in German as quickly as possible by teaching you the fundamental grammar rules and the 1000 most common words. 

We strongly recommend you use this deck in conjunction with our course. It will be easier to remember the sentences if you learn them in context. Also, some grammar explanations will be helpful even though we don’t focus too much on it. If you purchase our course, you will also get access to the complete Anki deck. But if you only want the deck, you can proceed on this page.

The first 242 cards of the deck are available for free on Ankiweb. You can also check out the reviews for the deck there. Here, you will get the full deck consisting of over 1000 cards and over 600 sentences.

Authentic, native speaker audio

Hand-picked, learner-friendly example sentences

1000+ cards

Top-rated on Ankiweb

Pay what you can

We put a lot of time and effort in the creation of our Anki decks so we think that 29.99 € is a fair price. But we do want help as many people as possible learning languages with our decks. That’s why we’re introducing a pay-what-you-can scheme. You can choose a price between 6.99 € and 99.99 €. Thank you for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anki?

Anki is a popular flashcard app with a smart spaced repetition system, saving you study time. Review and reinforce learning at increasing intervals, requiring only a few minutes a day.

I’ve never used Anki before. Is this product something for me?

Certainly! Using Anki is relatively straightforward. Once you get used to Anki, you won’t want to miss it for language learning.

Is this really the best German deck?

While “best” can be subjective, this deck is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive and well-structured learning experience. Our mission is to create the world’s best language learning materials and we daresay we did a very good job here. The sentences have been carefully picked to ensure you start with the most common words and sentences, gradually progressing towards more advanced ones. Moreover, the deck comes with high-quality native speaker audio which trains your ears to real German. If you’re still unsure, take a look at the reviews for the deck on Ankiweb.

Why shouldn’t I use another free Anki deck?

While there are other options, we do see a few issues with them. First, they are not very well-structured. Either they don’t really take into account word frequency or they include some weird and useless sentences. This deck follows our German course which was created in order to help you get conversational in German as fast as possible. It carefully organizes when you learn specific words and sentences. In addition, free decks often lack audio or use unnatural AI-generated audio. This deck features 100 % native speaker audio.

Is this deck suitable for absolute beginners?

Definitely! You start with the basics, and the difficulty increases gradually.

Is this deck suitable for advanced learners?

Certainly! Thanks to the modular structure of the deck, you can simply delete lessons that are too easy for you and start at a later lesson. If you’re already at a B2 level or above, this deck is not ideal for you. Read here how to continue studying instead.

Can I edit the Anki files?

Yes! The cards are fully customizable. Feel free to add, modify, or remove cards as needed to tailor the deck to your individual learning goals.

Will my learning progress be kept if I’ve used the free trial version previously?

Yes! When you download the deck, it will simply update your existing deck and add the remaining lessons. All learning progress will be kept.

1 review for German by word frequency (A1-B1) – Complete deck

  1. Kian

    I used the Languages on Fire deck to bring order to my learning. I didn’t have time to participate in a course, so I needed a structure for my learning. I began learning German after a few months of stay in Germany, and in the beginning, there were lots of things to learn to become able to communicate in a basic everyday life. This deck helped me to prioritize.
    It was also my first experience with Anki. The deck helped me to commit to a daily basis practice.

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