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Get fluent with one of our experienced teachers!

Are you already using one of our Anki decks but feeling the gap in speaking practice? Do you wish to not only recognize words but also actively engage with them in real conversations? While our Anki decks build a strong foundation in vocabulary and language structure, mastering a language truly comes from using it. Enter our 1-on-1 language lessons, the perfect complement to your flashcard learning.

Imagine engaging in real conversations with native speakers, where you can practice pronunciation, grasp everyday expressions, and receive instant feedback. Our teachers, expertly familiar with our Anki decks and the courses they are based upon, will craft your lessons to seamlessly integrate with your learning material, while also addressing your individual learning needs. These lessons elevate your speaking, listening, and comprehension skills, transforming theoretical knowledge into real-world fluency. Join us on this comprehensive learning journey, and don’t just learn the language – live it, embrace it, and make it inherently yours.

Personalized learning experience: Tailored lessons that align with your individual learning pace and style.

Experienced instructors: Our teachers are skilled communicators, passionate about teaching, and dedicated to making each lesson engaging and informative.

Seamless Integration with all LoF materials: Lessons designed to complement and build upon the content of our Anki decks and the courses they are based upon (Learn Russian by RT, French in Action, Destinos, LoF German course) for a cohesive learning experience.

Real Conversations with Native Speakers: Opportunity to practice and refine pronunciation, enhance fluency, and grasp the nuances of everyday language use.

How it works

Schedule a free 30-minute trial lesson with one of our experienced teachers. You’ll get to know each other and talk about your goals and expectations.

Purchase Languages on Fire credit points in order to book live lessons with one of our teachers.

Use 30 credit points for one 1-hour private online lesson. After purchasing points, you’ll schedule a meeting with one of our teachers. If you’re unable to find a time that works for you, you’ll get your money back.

At the moment, only Russian lessons are avaible. Other languages will be available soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn’t I choose another platform for private lessons?

At Languages on Fire, we aim for excellence in language education. We carefully select our teachers ensure you’ll get the most out of our lessons. Additionally, teachers on other platforms may not be familiar with LoF materials. They will likely use a different approach and you won’t have Anki flahscards available for what they teach. Without an integrated learning experience, your progress may be slowed down.

Are the lessons suitable for all language levels?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our lessons are customized to meet you at your level and help you progress further.   

How long is each lessons, and can I choose my schedule?

Each lessons typically lasts 60 minutes. You’ll schedule your lessons directly with our teachers. We have mutliple time slots available. If you are unable to schedule a meeting with a teacher within two weeks of your purchase, you’ll receive a refund.

 Can I choose my teacher for the lessons?

As our pool of teachers is currently small, you will be assigned one of our available teachers.

How many lessons should I take per week?

The number of lessons you should take per week depends on your goals and available time. For example, with two weekly lessons, you’ll make quick progress. However, you can choose as many as you wish based on your personal preferences and schedule.

Will there be any homework or additional practice materials?

Teachers may provide homework or additional resources as needed to reinforce what is covered in the lessons, depending on the amount of time you wish to invest in extra studying. If you don’t have much time, using our Anki decks should be sufficient.

What if I’m not using your Anki decks?

Even if you’re not using our Anki decks, you can still book classes with us. We’ll design a program tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you use our decks or not

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a lesson?

It’s possible to cancel or reschedule a lesson up to 24 hours in advance without incurring additional costs. Languages on Fire credit points are refundable only if you are unable to schedule a meeting with a teacher within two weeks of your purchase.


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