Bonjour, language enthusiasts! Have you ever dreamt of mastering the French language in a way that goes beyond traditional textbook learning? If so, you’re in for a treat! Today, we’ll explore a revolutionary French course called “French in Action” that offers a truly immersive and engaging experience for learners. Developed by Pierre J. Capretz, this groundbreaking program has captivated language learners around the world for decades. Let’s dive into the world of “French in Action” and discover why it has become a cornerstone of language education. But one more thing before that: Don’t forget to check out our French Anki deck which we based on French in Action!

1. An immersive approach: Comprehensible input

Unlike conventional language courses, “French in Action” takes a unique immersive approach that transports learners directly into the heart of French culture and language. The course is built around a captivating story that follows the lives of two main characters, Robert from America and Mireille from France. Through their adventures in Paris, learners embark on a linguistic journey, experiencing everyday situations and interactions in real-life contexts. Additionally, “French in Action” emphasizes the concept of comprehensible input, a key principle in language acquisition. The course ensures that learners are exposed to language that is just slightly beyond their current level of proficiency, allowing them to understand and absorb new vocabulary and grammatical structures in a meaningful context. This approach promotes gradual and natural language acquisition, as learners are constantly challenged while still being able to comprehend and engage with the material. By providing comprehensible input, “French in Action” facilitates language learning that is both effective and enjoyable.

2. Authentic Content

One of the distinguishing features of “French in Action” is its use of authentic content. The course utilizes unscripted dialogues, filmed on location in France, which provide learners with an authentic experience of the language as it is spoken by native French speakers. This approach allows learners to grasp the nuances of pronunciation, intonation, and cultural context, making their language acquisition more natural and effective.

3. Multimedia integration

“French in Action” incorporates multimedia elements to enhance the learning process. The course includes a textbook, workbooks, audio recordings, and video episodes. The combination of visual, auditory, and written materials creates a multisensory learning experience that caters to different learning styles. The video episodes, in particular, bring the language to life and enable learners to observe the cultural nuances and gestures that accompany spoken French. In addition to the original materials, we’ve created an Anki deck for French in Action which complements the video course. Try it out!

4. Interactive exercises

To reinforce learning and encourage active participation, “French in Action” includes a variety of interactive exercises. These exercises range from comprehension questions and vocabulary drills to role-playing activities and open-ended discussions. Learners are encouraged to practice speaking, writing, and listening skills, fostering a well-rounded language development process.

5. Cultural Enrichment

Language and culture go hand in hand, and “French in Action” understands this connection. The course not only teaches the language but also provides valuable insights into French culture, history, and traditions. Learners are exposed to authentic French literature, music, art, and cuisine, allowing them to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the rich tapestry that is France.

6. Self-paced learning

“French in Action” accommodates learners of all levels and allows for self-paced learning. Whether you’re a beginner or have some prior knowledge of French, the course provides a structured progression that ensures steady advancement. Learners can choose to study at their own pace, replay video episodes, and revisit exercises to reinforce their understanding.


Learning a new language is an adventure, and “French in Action” offers an exciting and immersive journey into the French language and culture. Through its innovative approach, authentic content, and interactive exercises, this course empowers learners to develop their linguistic skills in a meaningful way. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of strolling along the Seine or savoring a croissant in a Parisian café, “French in Action” can make that dream a reality. Bon courage et bonne chance (Good luck and best wishes) on your French language learning journey!

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